Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need a sample dr

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.RequirmentsMake one original post, which must include a citation from at least one source.
APA citations are only required for the original post.
Some discussions are open-ended and do not require APA citations.
Discussion Post 1Advising Parents on ReadingSuppose a parent confided to you: “I think my child is struggling with reading and writing and is falling behind in school. What can I do to help?Use the questions to guide your responses.What questions would you ask the parent?
What advice would you give the parent?
How would you use what you know about research-based practices to advise the parent?
How does having a school-wide comprehensive approach to student literacy help teachers address parent concerns?
Discussion Question 2Integrating Reading and WritingResearch supports the idea that reading and writing have the greatest impact on student achievement when they are integrated. Each of you holds different positions in your school. Some of you may not be in a classroom. Even so, you can strengthen the literacy program at your school.Use the questions to guide your responses.In your position, how can you influence the reading-writing program at your school?
What is one strategy or activity that you could use to strengthen the reading-writing connection with shared oral communication? Share your best idea with colleagues.
Why should writing be an integral part of a comprehensive literacy program at your school?
Address ways to support language development and the role of language in learning.
Discussion Question 3 Relating Diversity and LiteracyPart 1: Cultivating Cultural ResponsivenessResearch suggests that for educators to become culturally responsive, they must first develop self-knowledge of their own cultures, attitudes, and beliefs.Use the questions to guide your responses.What preconceived ideas, stereotypes, or biases do you hold that would make it difficult for you to strengthen the literacy of your students?
Why is it important that you recognize your own preconceived ideas, stereotypes, or biases?
What steps can you take to alter those ideas, stereotypes, or biases?
Part 2: Addressing DyslexiaOften when students struggle with reading, they are experiencing the effects of dyslexia or a related disorder. Using your course readings and the resources on the learning objects page, explain in an original response why educational leaders should be aware of dyslexia and its impact on reading acquisition.Include answers to the following in your response.What is dyslexia? What are its characteristics? What are related disorders?
Why is it important to identify dyslexia and related disorders?
What effective strategies can you promote as an educational leader to help teachers address dyslexia and related disorders?
What resources does your school, district, or state provide for this work?
Discussion Question 4Part 1: Integrating Technology and LiteracyResearch supports the use of technology to strengthen literacy.Use the questions to guide your responses.How do you (or would you) integrate technology with literacy instruction? Share your best idea with your colleagues.
What other information or tools do you need to successfully integrate technology and literacy instruction? Ask your colleagues for input.
How can technology be leveraged to improve the literacy performance and achievement of diverse learners, particularly in the content areas?
Part 2: Internship Scenario ResponseThis course began with a leadership scenario designed to motivate your thinking about the role of the principal in guiding others to embrace research-based strategies and practices related to the strengthening of literacy in general and specifically in the content areas.Include answers to the following in your response.As a leader in an educational environment, how would you lead an initiative to strengthen literacy among diverse student populations?
How could you prepare to lead the initiative and serve as a role model for those you want to embrace the literacy initiative?
Why should an educational institution take an organizational-wide approach to literacy improvement for all students?
What obstacles would you anticipate for the literacy initiative, and how would you overcome them?
Requirements: The explanation Should answer the question.   |   .doc file

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