Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical project and need support to hel

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical project and need support to help me learn.Antibiotic StewardshipDeadline:Status:Your current orderDiscipline:- HealthcareType of assignment:Power Point PresentationType of service:WritingSpacing:Double spacingPaper format:APANumber of pages:8 slidesNumber of sources:4 sourcesFor any of these projects, please present your topic Ignite-style.Slides you use should have minimal text. Ideally, each slide will be of an image, chart,or graph. This makes the talk more visually appealing for the audience. If your talk endsup having some text for labeling purposes, that is okay, but the focus of each slideshould be on a visual image, chart, or graph, rather than text.Topic: Under-appreciated public health success stories – Advances in AntibioticStewardshipThe presentation should discuss successful strategies used by the innovators/advocates/communityhealth leaders to gain community-wide acceptance of the public health idea. Examples: specific advocacyefforts; specific technological innovations; specific community outreach strategies; specific research andeffective presentation of the research. Please be specific.The conclusion provides a summary and leaves the audience with a sense of hopeExamples of sense of hope = this public health idea saves/extends lives; you can be the change thatchanges the word; we have reason to be optimistic about the future.
Requirements: 8 slides

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