Learning Goal: I’m working on a history question and need support to help me lea

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history question and need support to help me learn.Your discussion responses must be based on the material assigned for this week’s topic.
You cannot use any unassigned materials in the discussion (i.e. Wikipedia). You will get a “0” zero score if you use outside sources.
Once you have submitted your part I assignment, you cannot edit or delete it. If you make multiple posts, you will only only get credit for the first one submitted. The reason is that once you submit your first post, you will have access to your classmate’s answers and I have noticed students change their answer after they have read their classmates’ posts. This is considered plagiarism.
When you write your answer(s) to part I and II of the discussion, you are required to cite the course material using the MLA in-text citation style. If you fail to cite the course material, points will be deducted from the total score. If you have questions about the MLA in-text citation see this link: MLA Citation Style
I want you to be thoughtful with your answers based on what you learned from this week’s the course material.
QuestionsPart IDiscuss the reasons why the Hispanic and Latino labels first emerged?
Why Is there a tension between these two labels?
Why was the Latina label added?
Why was the Latinx label created and what are some of the opinions within the community about this new label?
Requirements: 350

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