Learning Goal: I’m working on a physics discussion question and need support to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a physics discussion question and need support to help me learn.Hello, i have some work to do , everything is explained below . Week 2 DBYou will not automatically be given 10 points for providing an initial and reply post. Your grade will be determined by how well you followed directions and whether you addressed all of the questions indicated in the instructions identified. Both initial and reply posts must be written using your own words. Any copying and pasting of information from any source (including your friends) will automatically result in a grade of 0. Gaining access to the discussion board to view the responses of your classmates without providing an initial post (even if it’s accidental) will automatically prevent you from receiving credit. Run this simulation (Links to an external site.) as a guest. Click on the upper left corner of the simulation image to make it full size.Run this simulation as an apprentice from beginning to end which is level 6. This means there are 6 questions. After, run the simulation as a Master which has 5 questions. It will only take around 11 minutes to complete. This simulation is great for developing your understanding of the vector directions of velocity and acceleration.1) Describe the differences between the Apprentice Level and Master Level in the simulation. In your Initial Post describe how the placement of the dots and the vehicle’s direction of motion helps you to determine the direction of velocity and the direction of acceleration.2) Reply to a classmate who doesn’t have a reply. Correct any errors or misconceptions they may have made in their initial post. If they didn’t make a mistake or have a misconception then let them know what they explained particularly well and explain why. Also, include a description of what a position vs time graph and a velocity vs time graph would look like for one of the 6 situations in the apprentice simulation. (Do not simply copy what a classmate wrote. It’s obvious when you do. Your posts are time-stamped so it’s easy to know who provided their reply first. Address these questions on your own so that you can learn these concepts.) (for this section#2: reply to classmate i have to send it later when the classmate submit their answers )
Requirements: As requirements

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