***this is the full assignment, I will need number 1 and 2 complete***Case Analy

***this is the full assignment, I will need number 1 and 2 complete***Case Analysis: Note this assignment has a twofold purpose: (1) To provide an opportunity for students to analyze a case based and (2) to collaborate with colleagues (classmates) about a recommendation of what to do. Also this assignment has two parts, each of which is a group project. In the first, each group will recored themselves presenting their case via powerpoint or google slides and upload the recording in the assignment link. The second part is a group written paper about your case. Please see below for specific directions.You have been assigned to a team which will write a case analysis based on a legal dilemma following the ethical/legal decision making process as discussed in class lectures and the textbook. Some teams will present in week 3 and others in week 4. Your professor will assign your week.Note: the uplink for this assignment is found in Week 4: make sure all names of group members are recorded on the assignment’s cover page.In keeping with acceptable professional standards you are encouraged to consult with student colleagues, practicing professionals, attorneys or any written materials in the development of the analysis and recommendation.Use the following guidelines to write your 4-6 page analysis ensuring all five points are addressed.Be sure you reference relevant professional resources you have utilized to prepare your case along with any other information pertinent to your case.The Five Areas to be discussed are listed below:Description of the Situation: brief overview of the case
Dilemma/Competing Issues (Identify the problem/dilemma): The dilemma/competing issues could be a function of ethics vs. laws, ethics vs. institutional policies, or ethics vs. a community norm; but most likely the tension will occur around the underlying moral principles of Autonomy, Non-malfeasance, Beneficence, Justice, or Fidelity. Include professional/community standards of practice as well as specific legal or ethical standards. Site the legal and/or ethical references in the appropriate ethical or state statutes.
Personal Values/Morals: Evaluate the rights, responsibilities, and welfare of all those affected by the situation.
Generate potential courses of actions and their consequences: Describe the limitations associated with each.
Recommended Course of action: state your recommend course of action. Define how your recommendation(s) is in the best interest of the student and satisfies the legal/ethical dilemma.
Requirements: 1000

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