Week 6 Discussion: Case StudiesDiscussion Topic Ends Apr 27, 2021 11:59 PM This

Week 6 Discussion: Case StudiesDiscussion Topic Ends Apr 27 2021 11:59 PM This week we will continue to tap into our analytical abilities applying them to four case studies. Through the review evaluation and drawn conclusions for each study we will apply our knowledge and understanding of clinical and counseling concepts. Your Task Part 1: Read: Read the four case studies provided this week. They are included in the Week 6 Learning Resources. Links to access the case studies are included below as well. Part 2: Main Post: In order to express our mastery of professional psychologys prerequisite knowledge skills and abilities this week we will exchange responses to diversely different case studies. Select the case study you would like to analyze and discuss. Read the case study carefully and compose your responses to the assigned questions provided below. Your responses should reflect your unique personal response to the case addressed. Once you have crafted your analysis and written your answers post your answers here as your main post. Part 3. Peer follow-up: Respond to two of your classmates postings. In 5+ sentences share how their posting reinforces your understanding of the case or an ethical principle. Provide constructive thoughtful feedback designed to build an engaging dialog. To achieve this you can ask questions or share a website or articles that address topics relevant to the case.

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