Week 6  Share a recent or current event in which a business or government failed

Week 6 Share a recent or current event in which a business or government failed to protect consumers. What were the failures? Who were the victims? What can or could be done to prevent such failures in the future? Do your findings change the way you will support the company in the future? You are encouraged to share resources that introduce or illuminate the event. Week 7 Diversity in the work environment promotes acceptance respect and teamwork despite differences in race age gender language political beliefs religion sexual orientation communication styles and other differences. Discuss the following: What is your selected companys stance on diversity? If you were starting a business that required you to hire new personnel would diversity be a priority? How important would it be to you on a list of other considerations? Explain. Week 8 Find a business outreach event involving your selected company? How does their participation in the event align with their stance as a business in the community? Find a business outreach event in YOUR LOCAL community. What business or businesses are sponsoring the event? How (or does) the event align with the sponsoring companys values? If so how? How (or does) the company benefit from sponsoring the event? How do you think this event brings your community together? How does the community view the company sponsoring the event?

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